Are you ready to feel empowered with your mind?

Would you like to go through specifically what is holding you back from moving on and healing?

We are all different and at different places in our lives and I would love to support you to find the specific magic ingredient that works for you.

Hi I’m Laura,

One of my biggest struggles was my LOW SELF WORTH, something I don’t think I really realised was a major problem. But it had stopped me from doing so much, from feeling confident, I felt lost, unworthy, and completely alone and inadequate.

It fuelled anxiety for me and ravaged my thoughts without mercy. I had an anxiety disorder ever since childhood, bouts of depression, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and I was desperate to be free from all of it. More importantly I wanted to be able to enjoy simple moments with my children but my mind held me captive.

I share this with you because I want you to know, I get it, I understand where you are and also I want to inspire you that if I can get a hold of all of this and learn to live a happier life with my children, then so can you!

What my 1:1 Coaching packages include...

I offer bespoke coaching which enables us to work through your individual needs. Lets face it, we’ve all been through different life experiences and so ‘text book’ coaching is not something I offer nor encourage.

By exploring together we can start to clear the debris from your cluttered mind and find out exactly what has been holding you back from healing and being your best self.

Once we have become clear in this, I will be able to use powerful techniques to help you break free from those unhelpful thinking patterns, and teach you how to cultivate the thinking patterns that actually serve you.

We will practice how you can actually be present with your kids and enjoy family time.

We will connect you to your inner voice 

Most importantly you will be coached by someone who has been through it, lived it, to hold your virtual hand and have your back every step of the way.

How would it feel to finally reign in your overthinking mind and step into a more calm, confident, amazing YOU that you were always designed to be?

If you’re reading the above statements and saying YES YES YES, I want to feel this way, then my 1:1 programmes are exactly for you!

How my coaching has helped others...

Angelique Fox
Angelique Fox
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Its not been an easy year... but having someone help me remove the debris and see clearly what I already knew is amazing. I am enough! Prioritizing my own mental health can be challenging. But is something I never regret. Starting with listening and trusting my own inner voice. 🥰 Thanks again Laura, you're epic
Sarah Garniss
Sarah Garniss
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I've had a 1:1 coaching with Laura and what I love about her is she is so down to earth, genuine, easy to talk to and just "really gets it". I learnt some valuable techniques to help me when my inner critic starts and also learnt it's ok to allow time for me - something which is usually at the bottom of the priority list. I felt much more positive and empowered during and after speaking to her. She really cares and it shows. I would 100% recommend Laura to anyone needing help with their mindset or if they simply need a boost to get their mindset back on track"

How amazing will it feel to...

  • take charge of your thoughts
  • sky rocket your self believe 
  • to know how to show anxiety who is boss
  • to finally know how to put yourself FIRST
  • become confident and know your worth
  • be able to feel present with your kids
  • Be able to enjoy more of your day to day life instead of being stuck in your head
  • Be HAPPY!

Are you ready to thrive instead of survive?


It’s time to start living!

Let's Work Together

Options that suit you...

Empower Hour

£ 89
  • A powerful 1:1 coaching session
  • Focuses on things you're struggling with right now
  • Ideal for those needing help right now but not ready to commit

1:1 Coaching (8 Weeks)

£ 600
  • 6x 1 hour personalised sessions 2 weeks interval any time during the 8 weeks (worth £534)
  • 1x Mindfulness Session (worth £155) with experienced mindfulness teacher
  • Voice note & messaging support (worth £210)
  • Additional helpful resources & workbooks (worth £90)

1:1 Coaching (12 Weeks)

£ 1200
  • 12x 1 hour personalised sessions (worth £1068)
  • 1x Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) OR 1x Mindfulness Session (both worth £155) with experienced practitioner
  • Voice note & messaging support (worth £350)
  • Additional helpful resources (worth £90)