Hi, I'm Laura.

I help anxious mums break free from overthinking and silence their inner critic so they can enjoy being present with their kids.

Want to stop constant worry and self doubt so you can start living?

Hi, Laura here. 

I am a Mind Empowerment and Anxiety Coach. I am a Mum of two and an SEND Mummy.

A little bit about me, where I have come from and why I coach…

As early as I can remember, I struggled with a generalised anxiety disorder. I’ve had depression, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts. When I became a mum, things got worse. The Mum guilt was raging and I never felt good enough as a mum. I was constantly worried about my children, their future, and not being able to just enjoy them and life.

I would constantly worry about the future and play out worst case scenarios. The thoughts I had were VERY real to me and completely justifiable. I believed my thoughts to be true, I mean why wouldn’t they be they kept coming! I would worry about my health and I would over analyse conversations with friends, other mums and convince myself they thought I was an idiot! Not only this I would get horrible past memories hurtled at me which haunted me. I said sorry ALL the time, even if it wasn’t my fault and took blame on from everywhere.

Fast forward to a time were it was sink or swim and thankfully I chose to swim. I was introduced into the world of coaching and began to learn about the power I had over my mind. I was hooked and soaked up everything I could on how the brain worked, thoughts worked and how to get my brain working for me instead of against me. I decided I deserved better, I deserved the basic right of a mum to enjoy my kids. I deserved more than just to survive. I deserved life. I am happier, I feel awake for the first time in my life and I am now on a mission to help as many mums on this path as possible too. Because you deserve to thrive instead of just survive!


Laura x

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