1:1 Empower Hour


What’s included?

✔ A powerful 1:1 coaching session

✔ Focuses on things you’re struggling with right now

✔ Ideal for those not ready to commit but want help right now

✔ You’ll come away with a clearer idea of what’s holding you back, with actionable steps you can take away to help you on your way

✔ I’ll teach you how to do mindful breathing to help ground you in the moment

✔ An ‘affirmation of the day’ to take away and focus on throughout your day

✔ All my coaching notes from our session as a reminder

✔ Optional recording available of the session (upon request)


What others have said about their Empower Hour experience…
“Its not been an easy year…
but having someone help me remove the debris and see clearly what I already knew is amazing. I am enough! Prioritizing my own mental health can be challenging but is something I never regret. I am starting with listening and trusting my own inner voice. 🥰 Thanks again Laura, you’re epic!” – Angelique Fox

“I had a 1:1 video call with Laura and what I love about her is she is so down to earth, genuine, easy to talk to and just “really gets it.” I learnt some valuable techniques to help me when my inner critic starts and also learnt it’s ok to allow time for me – something which is usually at the bottom of the priority list. I felt much more positive and empowered during and after speaking to her. She really cares and it shows. I would 100% recommend Laura to anyone needing help with their mindset or if they simply need a boost to get their mindset back on track” – Sarah Garniss

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