Audiobook - Taking Charge of Your Thoughts


Overthinking and negative thoughts are definitely things I’ve struggled with massively. I was constantly in my head and believed every word. It made me so anxious and paranoid. I would worry about what others were saying about me when I left a conversation. I was constantly over-analysing what I said to a friend or colleague.  I would make plans to go out with friends and regularly cancel because I just couldn’t handle it. If I did go out, I was on edge worried about what people thought about me; “Am I boring?” “Do I look miserable? “They won’t want to go out with me again.” I was careful with what I said but I would always slip up (in my opinion) and beat myself up inside.

I would also worry about every single health concern in my body; “What is that pain?” “Why am I getting so many headaches?” “My chest feels tight, I can’t breathe, what if I forget to breathe in the night?” The long list went on. These thoughts were VERY real to me and completely justifiable.

I would cry most days due to feeling like a prisoner in my own mind and all the thoughts going round. I felt like my mind was attacking me. I couldn’t think straight, I struggled at work as I kept making mistakes and was slower to work things out (in my opinion).

I developed anxiety about the school runs as I would have to face other mums that ‘had it together’ knowing they could see right through my façade and were talking about me. I would overthink the conversations I made, the lack of them, how I looked and beat myself for saying whatever I did. This was a common theme for me whenever I had to meet up with anyone too.

I was so desperate for my children to not turn out like me as in my eyes I was weak and didn’t want them to live the kind of life I was. I wanted so much better for them! We all do right?

Let me show you what is included in this 4 week audiobook programme:

– 5 audios in total including Introduction

– e-book including workbooks to work through for each week.

Think of it like a podcast to listen to as many times as you need with a workbook to go along with it. The tools I share in this are all the tools i I used and practiced on a daily basis to get where I am today, Enjoy!

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