Overthinking Programme
4 week Audiobook

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This programme is for those wanting to reign in their overthinking mind to overcome their anxious thoughts and learn to be in the present moment.

This 4 week programme is packed with tools and techniques to train your brain into working the way YOU want it to, not the other way round.

  • Are you struggling with WHAT IF’S?
  • Do you create the worst case scenario in your mind and play it on repeat?
  • Do you have trouble letting go of past mistakes and memories that creep up on you?
  • Do you have that inner mean girl telling you that you are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough and compare yourself?
  • Are you fearful of your thoughts and believe they must be true?
  • Do you find it hard to switch off particularly at night?
  • Does your overthinking make you feel alone, and that no one understands?
  • Does the constant overthinking and worry make it hard for you to enjoy the here and now?

I understand how all of this feels and I am here to say you are not alone.

This is why I have put all of the tools I practice myself into this programme to get you started.

Training the brain effectively has 3 key components:

1. Clear Instruction

2. Repetition 

3. No judgement


Are you fed up...

… Of always worrying about your health?
… Of worrying about what people think of you?
… Constantly being in your own head concocting worst case scenarios?
… Of not being able to feel present with your kids?

Then the Overthinking 4 Week Audiobook is EXACTLY the programme to get you there!

Let me guess, right now you are…

👎 You are trying to fight negative thoughts but just feel like you’re fighting a never ending battle

👎 You’re constantly worrying about every ache and pain in your body and cannot stop the dreaded ‘What if’

👎 You overanalyse conversations and worry about what you said or if you shared “too much” 

👎 You go for hours not ‘being present’ and can’t seem to snap out of it

👎 You beat yourself up for being the way you are because you believe you’re a burden 

👎 You believe your thoughts must be true and the fear increases

👎 You dread the feeling of anxiety and fight it as much as possible

And no, I'm not a mind reader!

I've just been there, done that, collected the badge and come out the other side

I worked hard every single day on training my brain and learning how to give myself permission to go on the rollercoaster journey without judgement.

question is, are you willing to feel exactly the same as you do now in 6 months or a years time? Or are you ready to to take control of your mind and thrive?

What makes this programme different?

This programme includes tried and tested techniques to re – programme your anxious mind.

I firmly believe once we learn how our brain actually works we can then start to train it to work for us.

This programme includes an audio of me taking you through the e-book step by step, someone who has literally lived 

through it and knows exactly how it feels.

If I can calm my mind and cultivate a happier one – then so can you!

Before I worked hard on my mindset and these tools...

I had ZERO clue how my brain worked and that it was only doing what it thought I wanted.

I had ZERO clue that I didn’t have to believe my thoughts.

I had ZERO clue on how to get off the hamster wheel of over thinking.

I struggled with anxious thought and depression all my life and knew things had to change.

I went from hopeless and desperate to calm, confident and happy!

And trust me, this is all possible for you too.

How this programme has helped others...

Claire Grieve
Claire Grieve
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I've just completed Laura's 4 week programme and I have loved it. I've learnt loads and have taken so much away from it that I will continue to work on. Lauras help, advice and support has been amazing. Laura you are an incredible coach & I am so grateful that I was able to take part in your programme. I've found it so helpful and would recommend it to everyone xxx
Sarah Garniss
Sarah Garniss
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I've just completed the 4 week programme with Laura. With a busy family life and job, I welcomed some help to not feel as overwhelmed and put less pressure myself. The other members in the group were so lovely and Laura is just fab. She's friendly, down to earth, always there, has been there herself so understands and she radiates positivity which is catching! I've lots of tools now to help calm my mind and relax more and to also celebrate my achievements. I highly recommend the programme and Laura is brilliant!
Jade Sullivan
Jade Sullivan
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I recently completed Laura's program and it has been a game changer for me. Each process is broken down into actionable portions which I found easy to apply to everyday life and I found it very motivating to have Laura and the rest of the girls all going through the journey together. Laura is an inspiration and a great coach. I would highly recommend to anyone who feels they could do with some help.
Toni Cox
Toni Cox
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Laura is perfectly suited to being a mindset and anxiety coach. She is positive, energetic, enthusiastic, approachable, knowledgeable, friendly, relatable, very genuine and down to earth and cares so much about helping others. Most importantly her personal journey is proof of the success of her programme. The weekly catch-ups and sessions break up a long week and give you hope. I have struggled with horrendous anxiety and nerves and finally feel it's possible to get to Laura's mindset - happy and free from worry. With her help, I am on my way and have the tools to do just that. highly recommend.

Lets take a peek inside...

Week 1

Coming off auto-pilot

We spend most of our lives either in the future or in the past because of our thoughts. Our brain puts our thoughts on auto-pilot as much as possible to reserve much need brain energy. However a lot of our thoughts are not helpful.

  • Learn to switch off autopilot and become aware of the thoughts that are circling around your mind
  • Understand how your brain works
  • The 4 Step system to challenge your thoughts and learn Empowered Thinking

Week 2

Telling your brain who is boss!

Your brain is doing what it thinks you want it to do. It’s time to show it who is boss and how you actually want it to work.

  • How to instruct your brain to work for you instead of against you
  • Stepping out of ‘What if’ to ‘So what’
  • How to challenge limiting beliefs holding you back from healing
  • Let go of overanalysing situations and conversations
  • Unchain yourself from painful past memories

Week 3

Changing the language of your subconscious

The language of your subconscious is your inner talk. Once you can see what your inner talk usually consists of, you can change the talk around.

  • The power of self talk
  • Creating the right kind of affirmations for you
  • The magic ingredient to get your subconscious to accept your affirmations

Week 4

Rewiring your brain for calmness & happiness

Happiness is not something you have, it’s something you create. Learn how to create it in your life and learn how to be a human ‘BEing’ not a human doing!

  • Mind full to Mindful
  • The power of meditation
  • Breathe your way to calm
  • Create the life you want with visualisation
  • Wiring your brain for happiness 

What's included?

Life-time access to course

Course PDF E-book with worksheets

A complete set of inspiring lock-screen wallpapers to uplift you


This programme is for you if you are wanting to reign in your anxious overthinking mind. It is for you if you a ready to work on challenging your thoughts and subconscious blocks. It is not for you if you’re not ready to put in the work and practice.

You get life time access to all the course materials, workbooks & audios to look back on any time you need.

1:1 calls can be really beneficial to help you implement the techniques specifically tailored to your needs. These 1:1 calls OR unlimited voice note / messaging support can be added on at a later date, just you contact me. 

Then the Overthinking 4 Week Audiobook is EXACTLY the programme to get you there!