My Story

As early as I can remember, I had generalised anxiety disorder. I’ve had depression, panic attacks, health anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I used to beat myself up all the time so I completely understand how you must be feeling.

When I became a mum, things got worse. The constant feeling of not being good enough, constantly worried about my children and their future, and not being able to just enjoy life. 

I stumbled across a mindset coach and she opened my mind up to the possibility of re-programming my brain not to be anxious. I couldn’t believe it at first. I always felt like I would always be this way and I’d just have to “manage it”. Now I know it sounds mad but it’s absolutely possible and it’s blown my mind how different life now feels. To go from rock-bottom, to be able to more than just manage anxiety, but be rid of it completely. 

I help other women now as I know how it feels. I have a free group full of women on the same journey, you’re more than welcome to join it. I do weekly workshops.